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check the flyers-good for online posting May 10, 2008

Posted by Noemi M in AMC2008, fundraiser, kids, zinefest, zines.

*the flyers are not printer ink friendly. I’ll be making some more basic in b/w.

Be there or… be not there.

want a table? They’re 10$ each. Want to lead a skill share? Volunteer? Go here for more info. We’re also looking for a few good acoustic sets.

This year’s fest will be located at South Texas College, Weslaco Campus on June 6th from noon to 6PM. (well it is the first year but it’ll be a yearly event).

*UPDATE-date change to the 6th.
AND we’ll have music too, from 8-10PM!!

The cafeteria will be transformed into the mercado for the diy and zine wares and we’ll have 5 rooms for workshops, platicas and skill shares, including outside area for set up for discussions. Poets and musicians will take the stage throughout too.

The DIY & Zine Fest is a child friendly event. You are free to bring your kids along to look/buy the wares of the mercado and sit in at the skill shares and platicas. Workshop presenters are aware that our event is child friendly. Why? Cuz kids need to learn diy and about alternative media!

Organizers are:
Noemi Martinez
Vicki “Hasta la Viktoria”

*This is a fun-raiser to help us get to this year’s AMC! So go and have some fun and donate a few bucks. Maybe y’all want to go with? Vicki posted some cheaper alternatives to flying here.



want to table at the valley’s first DIY & Zine Fest? April 27, 2008

Posted by Noemi M in zinefest.
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Time and place

visit here to register for the mercado. Still fine tuning the site.

To lead a workshop, go here.

And to volunteer, go here.