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Allied Media Conference iz in like 10 dayz June 10, 2008

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well it sure has been busy getting ready for this years AMC. unfortunately Noemi and the Martinez clan will not be attending this years AMC. thanks to nice folks who donated money at the Loteria Night and the DIY & zine fest (with tables, raffle tickets, and food donations, we made a little over $120 bux), and a great bus deal i got from el expreso (elexpreso.net) i’ll be going up to Chicago for 99 bux! (one way) so i just need a ride from chicago to detroit and i’m set. so if you know anyone that’s going, i can pitch in for gas. (you can also mention this in yr blog) i might be needing a crash space in chicago the night of the 18th, and possibly the night of the 23rd. i may also need a crash space in detroit for the night of the 22nd.

i told my mom i was going to detroit soon, she doesn’t really keep up with what i do. she gave me a 40 dollar donation too… that’ll help in case i need to get a train/bus from chi to det. i also need to fix my glasses before i go (she was all like aii mi’ja you need to fix them before you go, no tienes verguenza?.. i was like i guess, i just haven’t had a chance, MOM. geez) so that’ll be another 75 bux. a weeks wage for this rad childcare provider! i want really big dorky ones.

also i want to spend my extra money on resources for our lending library, i bet there’s gonna be some really grat zines and boks and stuff.

hey, its still not too late to donate! youcan pay pal me at ikkyvicky at gmail dot gom ❤ give me your addy and i’ll send you a thank you gift!

super excited.


chalupa night update May 28, 2008

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hey everyone. boy what a wild weekend. you can read a little in my personal blog. anyway, saturday was the loteria night, and we made around a hundred dollars! we had a pretty good turnout, great food (my rice was apparently the best mexican rice but i personally thought i could have made it better) and yvette hooked it up with really cool prizes. the best ones were definitely the giant art pad, the free night of childcare provided by yours truly, and the free small tat donated by ceci, our local tattoo artist. (she did noemi’s hermana, resist) so it was a success. yay. i’m that much closer to AMC!!! i am really excited.

ok, more updates later.


Hello world! March 10, 2008

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