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i bet you can’t WAIT to get your tickets! March 27, 2008

Posted by ikkyvicky in AMC2008, fundraiser.

the camera i got arrived today, and its super awesome, (picture)! anyway, so we have some new ideas for the raffle.

-(in no particular order)prize #1, Art ‘zine starter kit–winner will recieve the poloroid camera, a cartraige of film, scissors, Sharpie, colored pencils, different textured colored paper

-prize #2, For the Writer in you—winner will recieve a typewriter (possibly antique), glue sticks, Sharpie, White out, different colored paper(nice effect when copied)

-prize# 3, ‘zine starter kit—patterned paper, glue sticks, Sharpie, White out, mini journals, pen and ink, & a nice decorated box to put it all in

-prize# 4, Stenciling kit— exacto knife + blades, transparencies, a can of spraypaint, sharpie, tape (great for mistakes :-])

-prize# 5, SIY-Sew It Yrself! ha— mini/portable sewing machine, fabric, patterns, sewing kit (usually includes needles, thread, thimbles, stringer thing, stuff like that)

-prize# 6, PIY! Print It Yrself, an alternative to screenprinting— exacto knife+blades, transparencies, sharpie, spray adhesive, tee shirt, good fabric for patches, scissors, acrylic paints

-prize # 7, Zine Pack— a sampling of different ‘zines from CS distro

-prize# 8, gift certificate— a $20 gift certificate from an online distro

of course these are tentative, depending on what we can get donated and what we can purchase ourselves. i’m super excited, i’ll probably be buying raffle tickets myself! a great idea, try getting a few extra tickets to try yr luck at winning multiple prizes, then give the other prize to a friend! it would make a marvelous gift ;-]

*****Please consider donating one of your zines or books, a gift certificate to your distro or bookstore, any of the described items above, street art supplies or any other media related items for the raffle.

Send stuff to: RGV to AMC raffle

PO box 621

Edinburg, TX 78540

or, bigger packages can be sent here:

RGV to AMC raffle

5007 N. McColl

McAllen, TX 78504


thats all for now, tickets will be available soon




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