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some ideas for events and fundraising March 17, 2008

Posted by ikkyvicky in fundraiser.

Noemi and I have been talking about how we can raise money to help with the expenses of us (her and I, plus the kids and possibly others) going allll the way up to detroit and have so far come up with these. Please stay tuned as we finalize things, and let us know if you’d like to help us in any way or even attend AMC 2008. ikkyvicky@gmail.com or noemi.mtz@gmail.com

zine day/’zine-DIY fest

a day of workshops around ‘zines and ‘zine making. (a ‘zine is an small independent publication, can be about anything really). smaller, more intimate get-togethers can be held at our places of residence, while the ‘zine/DIY fest will be at STC. the RGV has never (at least to my knowledge) had an event like this, so i’m pretty excited about it. donations could be on a sliding scale basis.

media / education day

have 1/2 day long event with media-related workshops, like writing press releases, media advisories, even maybe organizing events and rallies and how to use media for our (our as in el pueblo) benefit… maybe with some music afterward or in between sessions, maybe even foooood ^____^ –the idea was to have at a local park but MEChA @ pan am is being so kind as to lend their status as a group to reserve space at UTPA!! sweet! donations could be on a sliding scale basis as well.

RGV to AMC raffle (my favorite idea)

please see noemi’s post on this. i already scored a pro camera for one of the prizes… check out a pic of it here.

Sponsor River!

the idea is that those of you all more financially able could choose to donate directly to send River (or participant of your choice ;]) to AMC 08. boom, its fast, simple, and easy for all of us! sponsors could get a special thank you gift/gifts. ooooolala

 Sponsor Teeshirts

i can make a shirt that reads “i helped get the RGV to AMC and all i got was this lousy t-shirt” lol… well if anyone actually wants one i will make it, i’d say ten bux? hahaha

send ideas/comments/loooove our way!!



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