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Allied Media Conference iz in like 10 dayz June 10, 2008

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well it sure has been busy getting ready for this years AMC. unfortunately Noemi and the Martinez clan will not be attending this years AMC. thanks to nice folks who donated money at the Loteria Night and the DIY & zine fest (with tables, raffle tickets, and food donations, we made a little over $120 bux), and a great bus deal i got from el expreso (elexpreso.net) i’ll be going up to Chicago for 99 bux! (one way) so i just need a ride from chicago to detroit and i’m set. so if you know anyone that’s going, i can pitch in for gas. (you can also mention this in yr blog) i might be needing a crash space in chicago the night of the 18th, and possibly the night of the 23rd. i may also need a crash space in detroit for the night of the 22nd.

i told my mom i was going to detroit soon, she doesn’t really keep up with what i do. she gave me a 40 dollar donation too… that’ll help in case i need to get a train/bus from chi to det. i also need to fix my glasses before i go (she was all like aii mi’ja you need to fix them before you go, no tienes verguenza?.. i was like i guess, i just haven’t had a chance, MOM. geez) so that’ll be another 75 bux. a weeks wage for this rad childcare provider! i want really big dorky ones.

also i want to spend my extra money on resources for our lending library, i bet there’s gonna be some really grat zines and boks and stuff.

hey, its still not too late to donate! youcan pay pal me at ikkyvicky at gmail dot gom ❤ give me your addy and i’ll send you a thank you gift!

super excited.


chalupa night update May 28, 2008

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hey everyone. boy what a wild weekend. you can read a little in my personal blog. anyway, saturday was the loteria night, and we made around a hundred dollars! we had a pretty good turnout, great food (my rice was apparently the best mexican rice but i personally thought i could have made it better) and yvette hooked it up with really cool prizes. the best ones were definitely the giant art pad, the free night of childcare provided by yours truly, and the free small tat donated by ceci, our local tattoo artist. (she did noemi’s hermana, resist) so it was a success. yay. i’m that much closer to AMC!!! i am really excited.

ok, more updates later.


Chalupa Night at Kolectivo Mapache May 13, 2008

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The Mapache Collective is an intentionally democratic living space currently occupied by 5 wonderful folks dedicated to social justice and a cruelty free world. these 5 wonderful people are being so kind as to lend their space for our fundraiser. they’re also getting a collection together to donate to us as a group. isn’t that coool?!!

check the flyers-good for online posting May 10, 2008

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*the flyers are not printer ink friendly. I’ll be making some more basic in b/w.

Be there or… be not there.

want a table? They’re 10$ each. Want to lead a skill share? Volunteer? Go here for more info. We’re also looking for a few good acoustic sets.

This year’s fest will be located at South Texas College, Weslaco Campus on June 6th from noon to 6PM. (well it is the first year but it’ll be a yearly event).

*UPDATE-date change to the 6th.
AND we’ll have music too, from 8-10PM!!

The cafeteria will be transformed into the mercado for the diy and zine wares and we’ll have 5 rooms for workshops, platicas and skill shares, including outside area for set up for discussions. Poets and musicians will take the stage throughout too.

The DIY & Zine Fest is a child friendly event. You are free to bring your kids along to look/buy the wares of the mercado and sit in at the skill shares and platicas. Workshop presenters are aware that our event is child friendly. Why? Cuz kids need to learn diy and about alternative media!

Organizers are:
Noemi Martinez
Vicki “Hasta la Viktoria”

*This is a fun-raiser to help us get to this year’s AMC! So go and have some fun and donate a few bucks. Maybe y’all want to go with? Vicki posted some cheaper alternatives to flying here.


talking money and time May 7, 2008

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two things that really don’t exist. we don’t have enough of either and always need more of both.

i may have to ride on a greyhound bus solita to get to detroit since i don’t have my picture ID. costs less but takes longer. but it costs less!

bus fares for amc

depart- 6-18-2008

14 day in advance- 178.00
7 day in advance- 194.00

there’s a Chalupa night/ Vegan-q being planned at Kolectivo Mapache in edinburg on the 24th! more details and good stuff coming soon.

is this the right time to say any sort of donation would be a great big help?!

❤ vicky

donate your miles May 6, 2008

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A friend gave me the idea, that folks can donate unused airline tickets or those frequent flyer miles.

We will fly out of Continental or American Airlines, which have the cheapest flights to Detroit (DTW). From MFE to DTW, via Orbitz I’m seeing the cheapest flights going at $414 round trip, per person. Which is the cheapest I’ve been able to find. That one flies out of AA with one stop in Dallas, then it goes to a NWA flight. I hate it when it goes like that, so much confusion…
I’m looking at leaving on the 19th and returning on the 24th.
Travelocity has the same exact flight cost flighting through AA then through NWA.
The cheapest going through continental.com is $600, yiikes.
At AA, the cheapest is $420. so maybe to avoid changing airlines, I’ll go through AA.

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the kids explain zines May 6, 2008

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kids on zines.

So wordpress doesn’t let me embed photobucket videos, so go here to check out the cutest kids talking about zines here:

want to table at the valley’s first DIY & Zine Fest? April 27, 2008

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Time and place

visit here to register for the mercado. Still fine tuning the site.

To lead a workshop, go here.

And to volunteer, go here.

18 reasons to get hype for AMC08 April 26, 2008

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Click here for descriptions of 18 workshops, panels and film-screenings that will give you a glimpse of how sweet the AMC will be this year.

This is only about 30% of the conference content so look out for a lot more sweetness in the coming days.

The conference this year features several tracks– think less “railroad tracks” that would route your interest in a particular direction and more “animal tracks” that end up criss-crossing each other repeatedly as they travel in unexpected patterns…

The tracks at this year’s AMC are: the INCITE! Women and Trans People of Color Media Track, the How-to Track, the Media Policy Track, the Popular Education Track and the Youth Media Track.

The How-to track is the heart of the AMC.  Rooted in a DIY ethic, we’ve been coming together to share what we’ve got for the past 10 years. A workshop by the New Orleans-based 2-Cent Entertainment called “Grassroots Video Production: Using What You Got to Create and Promote” continues the tradition.  They make accessible, low-cost, high-quality videos with political intent, which get broadcast over local New Orleans stations, and online.  Check out a recent PSA they created in collaboration with People’s Hurricane Relief Fund, called New Orleans For Sale. Also check out “How to write for radio” “How to facilitate,” “How to use Google maps for youth-led community organizing,” and lookout for much more.  Not to mention—the Youth Media Lab returns this year by popular demand (see below).

Many of the How-to sessions also fall within the INCITE! Track. How can we use media to end violence against women and trans people of color? Members of INCITE! and the SPEAK Women of Color Media Collective have shaped this track to highlight the many strategies being used by women and trans people of color to communicate our resistance, organize our communities and reclaim our own images.  The Young Women’s Empowerment Project out of Chicago is a social justice based harm reduction organization working with girls and transgender girls involved in the sex trade and street economy.  They will show us how to make zines as a tactic for self-care and social justice in their workshop, “Social Justice and Zine-making.”  Other sessions in the INCITE! track will showcase equally innovative strategies–from blogging to burlesque to participatory research.

This year instead of doing a Symposium on Popular Education prior to the conference, we’re weaving it into every aspect of the conference.  The Pop Ed track will be a series of workshops especially by and for educators who are using creative, media-based teaching methods for advancing social justice in the classroom and beyond. Una Aya Osato will lead a multi-faceted session called “Recess: One girl’s struggle between getting an education and getting schooled,” which will explore performance arts as one tactic for envisioning and building a new kind of education.

The goal of The Policy Track at the AMC is to upset the usual dynamic when it comes to media policy where you have a vast army of people who are willing to send emails in support of certain regulatory measures, and a select grouping of “experts” who frame the issues for legislators and lobby them to do the right thing. There is almost always a class, race, and gender division between these two classes of advocates, with the “expert” coming from a much more technologically-privileged background.  The theme of this year’s policy track is the future of the Internet. We received so many compelling proposals dealing with this issue from different angles. Peoples Production House in NYC has been taking a particularly creative approach, through their Digital Expansion Initiative.  Their session, “Shaping the Internet the fun and easy way” will leave even the most timid media reformers with a sense that policy work is something they can do when they go home after the conference. More great policy sessions to come!

In each of these tracks, you’ll notice that some of the most cutting-edge strategy is coming from youth media organizations.  This is exciting, considering that the future of all our movements lies in their hands.  The Youth Media Track showcases and cultivates the leadership of youth through hands-on workshops and critical dialogue.  One of the most awesome things that will take place at the AMC this year is a live video conference with youth in the West Bank, Palestine.  For the past three years the Brooklyn-based Palestine Education Project has been building solidarity between youth of color in the U.S. and youth in Palestine, using hip hop, digital stories and popular education as tools of transnational communication.  Global Action Project will spearhead a critical panel discussion among youth media organizations, called “Youth Media to What End?,” and youth from their organization will also lead a session on “Strategic Framing and Messaging.”  Much more exciting youth track content to come.

The Youth Media Lab is a hotbed of hands-on skill-sharing from beat-making to transmitter-building, that stays open all weekend long in the basement of the conference center.  The YML is youth-centered but open to all.  It’s where you go after getting so inspired by something you just learned or someone you just met, that you have to go make media about it.  Last year, youth from 3 different cities collaborated on an instrumental track that other youth later freestyled over during the Saturday night show.  Meanwhile, youth from Detroit Summer built a one-watt radio station with Prometheus Radio Project.  This year in the YML you’ll find video and audio editing stations, a makeshift recording studio, an experimental photo/video booth where people can do experiments with light and learn about the electromagnetic spectrum… and much, much more!

These sessions don’t fall under a specific track but they will give you a sense of all the awesome content at the AMC that defies categorization!  “Graphics for the Commons” presented by The Beehive Collective, “Challenging the Dominant Historical Narrative: Tactical Sign Projects by the Pocho Research Society and the Howling Mob Society” and “Evolving the Human Element of Hip Hop: Party promotion as an organizing tool” presented by 5th Element, a collective of women who use hip hop to challenge sexism and misogyny.

Last but not least, the AMC always features a track of incredible film screenings. In this first round of announcements, we are especially excited to tell you about the screening of Slingshot Hip Hop. We’ve been waiting for this since 2006, which Director Jackie Salloum spoke on the keynote of the AMC and screened the trailer for Slingshot! Since then, the film was chosen as an official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.  The Empowered Fe Fe’s will screen 2 incredible short films made by young women with disabilities, Doin It: Sex Disability and Videotape & Why They Gotta Do Me Like That? The Fe Fes Take On Bullying. Another group of youth, all the way from Oakland, CA will be coming out to screen some of their short films created at The Factory, part of the Bay Area Video Collective.  Finally, Idris Hassan, radio producer and media justice activist from the Bay Area will screen Bay Area Cypher and followed by a dialogue about the intersection of hip hop and spirituality.  These are only a few of the film screenings to look forward to at this year’s AMC!

Sound good?  Register!

Allied Media Projects presents the 10th Allied Media Conference, June 20-22, 2008 in Detroit. The AMC is sponsored by Consumers Union, the Oakland University Dept. of Rhetoric, Communication & Journalism, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, Free Press, Media & Democracy Coalition, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, Common Cause Education Fund, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Center for International Media Action, National Writers Union, and you, the AMC participants who make it all happen!

zine donations April 9, 2008

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We’ve been getting some generous zine donations for our raffle. Dates for the zine fest are still being ironed out. June 6th seems to be a good day, maybe too close to AMC but plenty of time for us to do good media and promotion. We have the location-The Women’s Studies Comittee at South Texas College (which i am an honorary member, woohoo) has agreed to intercede for us and get us a hall and as many classrooms as we need.

We’ve also gotten some $ donations too!